Sweet Surrender

imageSweet, scary, saving surrender. I thought I had done it. I thought I had admitted that I was indeed powerless over my husband’s sexual addiction. And I thought I could do it without working the steps. I was wrong.

So wrong.

I realized that as Rhyll Croshaw stared lovingly but firmly into my eyes-and the eyes of a dozen others. She said, “I can’t be an instrument in God’s hands, if I don’t work my recovery.”

Our therapist asked me last week to look deep inside myself and to discover what my purpose is in all of this. Having a purpose in the pain and trauma gives it meaning, he explained. And if I can find that purpose, then I can heal. I can recover. Purpose in the pain.

Pain. Purpose. Path. Progression.

When Rhyll spoke those words, I knew she was stating my purpose. She read it on my heart. It’s carved there like a love note on a maple tree.

My purpose is to share my pain. My purpose is to strengthen others as I have been strengthened. Then my trauma will not be in vain.

But I must recover. I must be strong.

Hence…Anne Girl Recovery.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender

  1. You are amazing! Great perspective! I’d love to connect sometime. I gave traveled the road you are on. It’s a journey. One of huge potholes and ups and downs. I’m looking for authentic, loving and faithful women to give and draw support from. I’d love to connect. I’m a mom of boys and work too 🙂


  2. Pain. Purpose. Path. Progression. I love it! I feel like the primary purpose in my trauma is to strengthen me more than I have ever been strengthened before. I hope however, that I am helping to strengthen others along the way by sharing my story. Hugs!


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